Simeos Yiannikaris

Having completed the ‘knowledge of London’ in 1993 - long before Tomtoms, sat navs and Google maps, I enjoyed over 25 years driving as a London cabbie.

Through the taxi fraternity I became involved with ‘The London Taxi drivers Fund for Underprivileged Children’ helping London kids when facing challenging situations in their lives whether physical or psychological and have been proud to serve on the committee for over 20 years and counting.

Although I’ve loved my time as a cabbie, but I felt it was time for a change.

As my wife has been a bridal designer with her own boutique ‘Mirror Mirror London’ I wanted to provide a first class service to brides in a vehicle that was a little special.

With my passion for the London Taxi I found a 1995 Fairway in need of much TLC. The result is a lovingly restored cab with a stylish luxury dove grey and ivory interior. Most white/ivory wedding taxis are left with their ‘standard’ interior fittings but for your wedding day, I felt it important to make the inside as beautiful as the outside. 

So Tasha the taxi - Stylish, spacious and a little luxe is ready to get you to the wedding on time!